Sunday, April 24, 2022

West Augustine Nature Society Clean Up

Yesterday we had a great time at the Earth Day clean- up event.We cleaned up part of N Volusia Street, West King Street, St. johns Street and Duval Street. 

These are the people we need to say thank you to.

I want to thank everyone for coming out to saving the animals who are in danger because of the trash, I see lots of animals getting hurt from the trash that fall downs and lands in land and ditches, even on the sides of train tracks, so I want to thank you all for coming out to help save mother nature.   

This trash could kill a animal.

Cleaning with your friends is so much fun like a game.

People cleaning next to the train tracks.   
 They found a lot bottle caps and glass. They got a lot of bags from cleaning the train tracks.

This Willie Cooper and his son
They picked up the garbage bags.
This is my friend who came and cleaned up. She's a nice person.

We did a raffle and everybody loved it. 

This is Willie Cooper helping us clean up with Mrs. Mabel

This is all of us doing the raffle before we left 

Written by a 3rd grader

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