Saturday, July 24, 2021

West Augustine Nature Society Sign Hit by Car

Last night a something bad happened to the West Augustine Nature Society.

One of our Adopt-A-Road signs that the county recently put up was hit by a car. We were so excited, when the signs came up, and already one of them has been knocked down.

The West Augustine Nature Society Sign

The West Augustine Nature Society Sign Knocked Down

To see more about the accident go to West Augustine News Connection

Garbage in the local ditch

On another note, I want to point out all the garbage that are in the ditch. We have already cleaned up that ditch twice this summer, but it almost immediately after is being filled back up with garbage. This is, why we need you to help us keep West Augustine green by coming to our events and helping us clean up the community and by talking about our mission to everyone you know so eventually there will be less trash in our community.

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