Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Cleaning Up Trash Bags Full of Clothes From Our Ditches - Please Donate Your Clothes To Thrift Stores

For weeks, there have been these several trash bags left within the ditches on our street. They have not only polluted the environment, but they have also left a lasting impression to others, what our community is like without any words spoken. Because of this, we took action, today we pulled up these trash bags from the muddy ditch when there wasn't as much water within it. Even without an event scheduled, we took action as individuals. 

What we were surprised to find out, was that the trash bags did not only contain mere trash, but clothes. Three bags of clothes, clothes which could have been donated to a thrift store, instead of being dumped in the ditch.

What is more unbelievable, is the fact that there was still a price tag on one of the shirts among the trash. It took a while to clear it through the dense cloud of mosquitoes, but we finally pulled up the last trash bag into our trash can. 

However, right after we found out there were three more bags in the property across the street from the ditch is. Of course, we had to leave the bags out for a while to let the water seep out to make it lighter, but it only goes to show how not all things dumped into the environment are common trash.

A picture taken after we cleaned the ditch. The water had finally receded enough for us to be able to access the trash bags.

Donating and shopping at thrift stores are sure ways of decreasing the waste of resources, and many of our local thrift stores fund programs for the homeless, battered women, and for disadvantaged children and families - it's a win win.

 Some of our family's favorite thrift stores in the St. Augustine area are: 

Roshane Rodney
St. Augustine High School graduate, 
Flagler College Freshman
Secretary of the West Augustine Nature Society

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