Monday, February 8, 2021

Important Transportation Survey For West Augustine Residents

The North Florida Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) has a survey out for all residents of St. John's County, who are interested in communicating with the county to address public transportation and general transportation issues. 

4 mile road st. augustine no bike path
 4 Mile Road in West Augustine, FL



We encourage everyone in West Augustine to take this survey, as it is a great way to get some attention to the issues we all care about around here. This survey closes February 14, 2021.


While this survey is mainly focused on public transportation, there is plenty of room in comment spaces for people in our community to have their voices heard about issues such as safe bike paths, proper sidewalks and speed bumps in our neighborhoods. It is important to take this survey, because it will allow you to have your voice heard. 

Please make sure to mention West Augustine, the specific streets you feel needs safety improved etc. 

Creating safety precautions such as road rails, speed bumps, and additional spaces for pedestrians and bikers alike will allow for opportunities for everyone in our community all while encouraging environmentally friendly transportation.

4 mile road, Holmes Road, King Street, and many more are in need of safer precautions. 

We need more sidewalks, safer bike lanes, and more accessible public transportation for those in our and your community. 

How long will it be until the life of someone is taken, because of poor bike and pedestrian safety? 

One example of a great need in our community can be seen in the stretch of 4 mile road from the circle on Volusia to where it meets Holmes Blvd. St. Johns County River State College is just down the street about a mile from West Augustine, and high school students can get free college classes through dual enrollment, but how can we get there?


The two images in this post feature 4 mile road - just 1 mile or so from West Augustine is St. John's River State College, but this is the road the county wants us to travel. It clearly says something about how much they value our lives on this side of the tracks.


The road is unsafe. With 35 - 45 MPH, this road was recently expanded, yet there is no safe bike path or side walk. It makes no sense. We need safe bike paths with a barrier between the cars and the bikers, just think what opportunities a safe travel to this college would mean for the youth in West Augustine. Not everyone has a parent home to drive them everywhere, and to get a car, we need to work. To work we either need to rely on others to drive us or ride our bikes through unsafe roads like Holmes Blvd., 4 Mile Road and King Street.

Public transportation is a major issue and is essential for communities to prosper and move forward. Due to the increase in population within St. John's county, the greater need for effective and safe ways to travel has increased. By fixing the issues regarding public transportation and general transportation, a vast amount of opportunities may arise for you and others alike to grow. e

This survey is a great way for West Augustine residents, no matter what age to get their voices heard, so take it before it closes on February 14, 2021.

~ R.R., 12th grade, SAHS







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