Monday, February 22, 2021

No One Should Sit In School With Wet Feet All Day - Help The Webster Students Fix Their Sidewalk


rain water on the sidewalk

Walking to school is good for nature and it is good for your health, but not if you have to sit with wet feet all day. Together our voices are stronger.

girl in raincoat with boots and umbrella

I sent this message to our county, please send yours too.

"Good  morning,
My name is xxxxxxxx. I am 7 years old, and I am in 2nd grade at The Webster School.
Every time it rains I step in a huge puddle on the sidewalk outside the school, and I always get wet feet. Sometimes I wear rain boots to school, but it is hard to go to pe in boots. My friends have no boots,so they have to sit in class with wet feet all day

Who do I need to talk to about getting the sidewalk fixed?

IR, 2. Grade, The Webster School
Founder & Health Manager
West Augustine Nature Society"
rain water on the sidewalk


Does your child ride his or her bike or walk to school? Can they do so safely? How are the conditions on rainy days?

If you have a student at The Webster School, please help us fix the sidewalk issue in front of the teacher's parking lot on 420 North Orange Street.

Submit your request for Sidewalk Repair to St. John's County here:




IR, 2. Grade, The Webster School

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