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We have been getting questions from local business owners, organizations, churches, and community members about how to best help us in our mission to keep the community clean.

If you are able, we would love to see you at our clean-up events. You can sign up for our email or text alerts by sending us an email, or you can check the website, Facebook or Instagram for news about the next events.


We understand that not everyone can come out to help do the actual clean ups, but there are many ways that you can still help out. You can talk to your kids and grand kids about not littering, compost and recycle at home, and talk to your family and neighbors about the big problem we have with trash and littering in our community.  

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram and help us spread the word about our events, and please help us spread the word on other social networks and in local community groups as well.

While the West Augustine Nature Society is not currently accepting monetary donations, you can help us by sponsoring or gifting any of the items below. We've provided links to amazon for suggestions, but we are not picky and anything will be a help. If you have any used grabbers or a garden cart/metal wagon you no longer need, we would greatly appreciate receiving it to help our mission.

We Need:

  • Trash bags (13 gallon)
  • Gloves (reusable or disposable)
  • Grabbers (those with suction cups work best for cleaning up trash)
  • Green reflective safety vests adults and children (We've got volunteers of ages, but most are teenagers)
  • A metal wagon or garden cart to transport full trash bags back to the collecting area. (It does not have to be new, so if you have one you don't need anymore, we would love to have it)
  • Signs (We're hoping to get yard signs that say "Nature is not a trash can - please bring your garbage home", which we can place in areas that we clean)
  • A vinyl banner (We're looking to get a large vinyl banner that says West Augustine Nature Society, so that we easily can set up an area, where people can find us at events)
  • Prize donations (We will be holding raffles at our big events to reward our volunteers and to raise money for trash bags/grabbers and gloves. We are also working on hosting a "best yard contest", where we will be rewarding West Augustine residents, who show pride in their yard with gifts. As an example we've put together a gardening gift basket including seeds, plants, garden tools etc., a local nursery have donated additional plants for raffle items. Gift cards, food, attraction tickets, ice cream coupons... anything goes. The majority of our volunteers are college-bound teenagers, but we have volunteers of all ages)
  • Food and drink (If you would like to sponsor snacks or if you are a church or organization that would like to serve food and drinks to reward our volunteers, we would greatly appreciate it.)

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